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Sundays Starting at 11 am

If you have received Christ through The Message today, Text SAVED to 1-844-443-4214 

If you would like to share your Testimony with us, email us!

We wanna hear your story!

We will set up BAPTISM for all who need it!

Was Your Answer Yes?

If so we are so proud of you! This is the Greatest Decision you will ever make!

Here are a few steps for you on your New Life with Christ!

1. Read Your Bible

Develop & Grow

Faith Come by Hearing & by Hearing the Word of God! It is a Muscle, So now you have to Grow your Faith and Relationship with God

2. Get into Community with Other Believers

Christian Support System

Join our Plm Faith Fam 🔥 Groups on Facebook, & Zoom Meetings!

3. Tune In With Us Next Sunday!

Join Us for Our Worship Experience

Watch Virtually or Plan your In-Person Visit to Promise Land!

Baptism is a public declaration that you have been Saved, by your belief in Jesus Christ being Lord, and dying and rising again for your sins. Once you have been saved you should be Baptized! So we want to set up a Baptism for you. So Click on the button and put in the Subject Line, "Baptism!"

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