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Our Church Values

The Soul of Promise Land Ministries

Since July 3 2010, when our Church was PLANTED, Our Core Values have been Faith, Love, Hope, Long Suffering, Compassion, and Patience. Through God's Holy Word we have been blessed to have GROWN in all of these thing!
We Say "Not Church As Usual," because we believe our Faith is not just a moment but a Lifestyle!

Each one of these values are the building blocks of the way we want to live our lives and bring glory to God. 

Our Mission

At Promise Land Ministries, we pursue the Glory of God through EVERYTHING that we do. We are passionate about Directing the Lost to Christ and Developing Christian's in there Walk with Christ!

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The Vision

Walking & Living By Faith

Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

PLM Leadership

Meet Your Leaders

The best church leader is a team. At Promise Land Ministries, we’re blessed with an outstanding group of dedicated believers and religious leaders who conduct services, run events and keep our community on a clear spiritual path to God through the message of Jesus Christ!


Dr. Eugene Whiting

Pastor & Founder

Dr. Eugene Whiting has been in Ministry since 1982. God planted a seed in his heart to plant a Bible Based Ministry in Senatobia, MS. Through Christ, He and Promise Land have been able to reach out to the surrounding communities.
"Keep Your Hand On Our Pulse, because  We are Still Alive & Growing!"

Lady Frances Whiting

First Lady Of The Church

First Lady Frances Whiting has been a pillar of the ministry in Music, Community Outreach, and Youth Ministry. She is always willing to Serve!

Rev. Caleb Whiting

Co-Pastor & Youth Pastor

What's Up Faith Fam! I'm Caleb. I have been in ministry for over half of my life! I am a young preacher excited about changing lives through Christ! I'm alway here to talk when ever you need it!

PLM Staff

Dedicated to Realizing the Vision!

Join The Staff through our PLM Growth Track

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